The Raggedy Mayor


Mayor Antero Ikonen

Recently confirmed human.

*Was found in the Prison of the Prince of the North Wind, leading a band of accidental prisoners in day-to-day survival.

*Appears as described in the Mayor Antero Ikonen page, except that his hair is longer and scraggly, he has a wild, tangled beard, is clothed in worn-out adventuring gear, and appears more world-weary than [[Mayor-in-Town]

*Claims that he woke up in the prison one morning, six months previous to the start of the game. Discovered at that time that he had a head injury. Does not know how he got there.

*Gives [[:Twyllion Tello]] his sword, which turns out to be enchanted.

*After being rescued from the prison, leads his band of refugees to the nearest settlement, promising to return to Azurestone in a few days.

*Is next seen by the party six days later, accompanied by two traveling companions, Imron Towerfall and Jefferson. They meet the party at the edge of The Boarwood, and he seems eager to return to town. However, he mentions a camp of cultists that he observed on his journey back.

*Assists the party at Boarwood Cultist Camp, lending support with his bow.


The Raggedy Mayor

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