Incursion of the Outer Dark

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The story thus far
A summary

Our adventure began with the characters having recently arrived in the town of Azurestone.

They attended the town’s harvest festival, where they learned of the folk-hero bandit, The Red Raven.

The next morning, they discovered that an artifact called The Vernal Key had been stolen by the Red Raven. This item is known to protect an area from harsh winter climates, like those that are soon to come.

Mayor Antero Ikonen (who will be known as Mayor-In-Town ), sent them to recover the key.

As they track the Red Raven, three attempts are made to scare them off the trail. The first, an avalanche at the town’s quarry, the second being mischief committed on their camp at night, the third being a false campsite set up in the nesting ground of a giant spider.

They meet a group of bandits led by Cale The Calistrian, an associate of The Red Raven, whom they convince to lead them to wherever the Raven is hiding.

Cale leads them to a mountain, and they step through a portal to an alternate plane, which they discover is a prison for a powerful air spirit.

They rescue a young woman named Geppa, who leads them to a camp. This camp has a group of about thirty occupants, and is led by Mayor Antero Ikonen (who will be known as The Raggedy Mayor ).

The next day, they rescue The Red Raven from an ogre, and discover that he still possesses the Vernal Key. They learn that the Key is the only way to escape the prison plane.

They gather up all the accidental prisoners and lead them out. They are pursued by the air spirit as they leave, but when they open the way out, it rushes out, ignoring them.

The Red Raven hands over the key in exchange for amnesty for himself and Geppa, who is his lover and his reason for stealing the key— he knew she’d become trapped in the prison, and wished to rescue her. The rest of the refugees break from the party the next day, lead by The Raggedy Mayor, heading to the nearest settlement to recover their strength.

The world is different than it was when they entered the prison. It is a shade or two darker, and some form of corruption is affecting all of the natural life.

On their way back to town, the adventurers stop to aid a Dryad who is sickened by the corruption. They help her perform a ritual that will protect her tree.

They receive a hero’s welcome upon returning with the key, and the Mayor-In-Town throws a banquet in their honor.

(to be completed later)


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